Friday, 26 June 2009


I am sure every girl (and guy for hat matter) has her own fashion obsession and two of the biggest are hand bags and shoes. Handbags: I own maybe 3 or 4 and I resent carrying one when I go out - but shoes? Guilty as charged. I don't wear them often, in fact I'm happiest bare foot but boy do I love dreaming of shoes! Lace up oxfords, polka dotted bows, sling backs with peep toes, I love them all ♥

Recently scouring my favourite online shopping site EBay for costume and fashion ideas I found a wonderful shop with some brilliant shoes to offer. As well as lots of on trend platforms and shiny patents I spied a pair of funky lace up heels. Perfect with a cat suit for a 70's night, bring on the flares ; )

Secondly I spotted a perfect pair of 1960's powder blue shoes that would look stunning with a pill box hat, and smart dress; very Jackie Kennedy.

And last but not least there are also these adorable mouse pumps ^_^ Great to wear with that panda bear hoody : D

Friday, 12 June 2009


I really want to go to a video games convention this summer, and wouldn't it be great to go with friends? I don't get to spend half as much time with them as I would like and I miss them all terribly.

After Amecon 2007 I was impressed by the enthusiasm of fans and inspired by the costumes. What surprised me was how many final fantasy cosplayers there were - seriously 50% of cosplayers were characters from games- even though it was an anime convention.

Yuna Tifa and Aerith - Final Fantasy series

So that got me thinking how fabulous Laila would look as Aerith and then I got to thinking up costumes for all my friends ; ) I spend a lot of time designing and putting together costumes so after looking into it for the past few hours it would probably only cost £35 for me to make the girls costumes (of course I had to match Helena up too!) which isn't half bad considering it will be home made. I have even sourced a couple of items already . . . what do you think?

PS If you forgo the bomber jacket, Squall wouldn't be too expensive either . . . Alex would love it ; )