Friday, 17 June 2011

Padme mummy

Uhoh, a new pregnancy cosplay has been researched! As we are attending an Anime Convention I tried to avoid movie costumes but as news of Natalie Portmans baby boy spreads I find it hard to resist!The beautiful steel blue night gown is stunningly simple with pearl details and a waterfall back - I've fallen in love! A lot of the techniques (draping, home made accessories) I have used and the details such as the heirloom faggot stitching and the hand made broach will be challenges for me. I also like the idea of not having to wear a wig, my hair is naturally long and curly.

One of my costumes requires a bright scarlet wig which would itchy and un-comfortable for the day, the other -despite being only cotton - is a rather warm Victorian dress with layers. Perhaps I can wear the wig gown to the ball and wear this Padme costume during the day? Its Grecian inspired floating looks really comfortable :) There is a dress pattern but it is now out of print and costs a small fortune.

Its all very exciting and for me planning and researching, sourcing and sewing the costumes is the best part. Now I have given up looking for work I have plenty of time for a new project, the only issue is with so many other things demanding money that we simply don't have costumes are on the bottom of our list. I already have 2 anime costumes and a sci-fi TV show, would adding a movie one be too much for a Japanese convention?

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sophie Hatter

This costume will be easy as pie to put together, I have been given a dress by a friend and neighbour that is nigh on perfect for the job. The only thing is the fabric has a small dot detail all over it, but the shape cut and style of the gown is still wonderfully accurate :)

I will dye it the correct colour, take it in at the waist, the hips are free so bump should fit underneath. I can easily buy accessories such as ribbons and a hat, make and attach a lace collar and voila!