Sunday, 22 November 2009

Party Season?

High fashion continues to display 80's dresses with floral and animal prints this party season which to be honest doesn't excite me at all.

There are also plenty of sequins to be found! Luckily I have seen at least half a dozen items that I would love to buy for my costume wardrobe (which lets face it is twice as large as my regular one anyway >_>) such as this sequinned skirt from Bay trading, wouldn't it be perfect for Columbia! They also have a questionable gold sequinned blazer : ) I have been holding a torch for her costume for a long-time and this is enough to push me into to putting it together : D

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Grecian gowns

Its taken a couple of years since the style first hit the catwalk but finally these fabulous Grecian styles have reached the stores.Its linked in with the 70's maxi dresses and the 80's revival we've had this year to make some interesting combinations.

Asymmetrical one shoulder dresses and tops are everywhere and the loose flowing toga style is too. Many bridal & ball gowns have the classic Grecian goddess look and is being worn on the red carpet and at Christmas balls around the country : )