Monday, 10 January 2011

I have had a particularly trying few months representing myself in a difficult court case has been on going since September. I am recently un-employed and suing my old company, they owe me a lot of money and left me in a right state. Unfortunately this takes up all my free time so I haven't had much chance to look for a new job let alone get any sewing done!

I had a break from the paper work over Christmas so was able to concentrate on enjoying myself, I have made some head way on a few costumes and looking forward to the year ahead. I had to make some changes to any planned costumes have chucked 2 out completely and now have another brand new one on the cards. Its necessary as I have some good news and am expecting a baby in the summer, Faye Valentine yellow PVC hotpants are definitely out the window lol

I have finished Kaylees overalls and will post some photos but am disappointed I wont be able to wear them for a good while. I have toyed with the idea of wearing with a belt and hanging the top half behind me like some mechanics do, to free my (what will be by then) large baby bump but I would have to have Dave dressed Simon as my "Baby Daddy" for it to be funny :)

Also I have nearly finished a new costume of Ponyos Mother. She is a stunning sea goddess with long red hair who can change her shape and size, shes mysterious wise and serene. I already made a long blue dress for a summer ball when I was at college and it is stretchy enough for bumb so I can wear that. I have made some jewellery and still need to add some long sleeves. If Dave will let me I can dress him as Ponyos father the human wizard and we can be a prequel pair :)