Monday, 14 March 2011

Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield is a S.T.A.R.S operative from Raccoon City from the popular (and my favourite zombie basher) Resident Evil games franchise. I have often wanted to cosplay Resident Evil and have researched a Jill Valentine in her S.T.A.R.S uniform from the first game but can't wear it this year due to the baby incubating in my womb! This year I can just be a preggers zombie and next year will be something to look forward to, and also our German Shepard dog, Monty, (who loves cosplay btw) can join in : D if he's not too old by then he is already showing his age!
So my DH is finally excited about a cosplay, huzzah! He is researching the costume thoroughly, particularly the different versions of costume and is already thinking about where to get items and looking up how to make props and weapons. A lot of it Dave wears for work anyway (he wears SWAT uniform and jumps out of helicopters) but the way computer games go its all exaggerated, plus the fact that its a zombie apocalypse so OFC you need some kick ass weapons.
Essentially its a green waistcoat with combats and accessories. I can make most of those with webbing (have done custom webbing before) and he can borrow many of the pouches and gadgets from friends. Most folks round here are Army Barmy and have collections of body armour, webbing, weapons and survival gadgets, so its a bonus for the costing :)

Friday, 4 March 2011


I have now finished my fabulous Kaylee costume!

I am very please with the distressing and ageing, it took a while to get the oil stains right. My husband dryly commented "why don't you just use engine oil?" Well that might have been a good idea but by then I had spent a long time mixing wd40, vegetable oil and dye to try and make it greasy and permanent, so I had to see it through to the end.
A lot of fine detail has gone into this costume, I hand stitched the patches with embroiders thread and put dirty wear marks on the pockets and high use areas, ie knees and bum :) I have seen several other bear overall cosplays but modest though I am mine is by far the best! There are 2 things I am not 100% happy about but they barely shadow how please I am with the overall result : D

I also made a little bag from some left over materials, its not that large but just big enough to hold my purse, phone, keys and con badge etc.

I hope you enjoy the photos taken by my good friend Mr Abe, he came down especially before I get too big to fit in them any more! I am thinking I might still wear this costume over the summer, I could just leave the top half of overalls around my waist but that would only be funny with my baby daddy dressed as Simon to tag along. Lets see if we can convince him!