Monday, 14 February 2011

Bridesmaid dresses

I had 2 weeks full of stress and hard work but in the end everything worked out beautifully, my mother in now finally an honest women and the whole day went off without a hitch!

I started with the smallest bridesmaid, she is only 10 so I had to totally remodel her adult sized dress, putting in a simpler line than the adult bridesmaids and customising it to her size. At such short notice the dress company only had one size 12 and another size 14 so it took almost as much work to bring my dress down to size. As I am a size 10 and my now new cousin (^_^) was not around for modelling and sizing I changed the 14 to fit me and my little swollen tummy - I was only 13 weeks so it was not too obvious but still my size 10 clothes dont fit so well any more!
It took a lot of work and I was taking up the child's dress the night before the wedding but they came out lovely and everyone adored them.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bridesmaid dresses

I've had major drama with a Chinese dress making company, which today ended with me basically demanding refund. The past 5 weeks I have been trying to order 2 adult and one child's gold/champagne bridesmaid dresses for my mothers wedding on 11th Febuary. he whole thing is pretty short notice compared to other weddings, they decided to get married in November, went to Australia on holiday for a month and only started planning it 2 weeks ago.

After the pilavour with the Chinese tailors I am left with only 2 weeks to source or make 3 dresses. I am confident I can make a fitted dress with a pattern, but 3 of them with modified sleeves and in less than 2 weeks? I hope that my tailor friend Mr Komadei can lend a hand, he has in the past guided me in challenging projects and has a selection of industrial machines to use. My special lidl machine overheats after an hours solid sewing >_>

A bit nervous about further issues, as the time window is so small. Did I mention I'm 12 weeks pregnant and throwing up every 20 minutes?? I must be crazy to even attempt this but the only other choice is some overpriced cheap nasty dresses from a local bridal shop. That will still be an option if my dressmaking has not been a success by the 5th February.

I have just ordered patterns and plan to buy fabric on Tuesday. There will be plenty of compromises as I can not afford to be fussy with fabric or supplies. I will take photos as I go and post a blog after the wedding, as I sure as hell won't have time before then!