Thursday, 7 July 2011

Comic book ladies get an Anime makeover!

I love comics and anime and the sexy PVC figurine range Ame-Comi really are awesome, I love ALL the reinventions! What's not to love about Wonder Woman in armour?!? There is also goth Raven in rock boots and steam-punk Joker to feast your eyes on :) All the costumes are perfect for portraying the characters personalities and most have multiple gravity defying hair dos : D

One of my favourites is Mera (Aquamans wife) she is a supporting character who rarely gets any attention but her reinvention is simply stunning. Of all the DC girls she was probably the most in need of a make over! Gone is the boring green cat suit (so predictable for a red head) and in its place a scaly skimpy thing with a plunging neckline, fancy mer-tail, its beautiful and unique :)

Thanks to Topless Robot for sharing that you can also buy (for a reasonable price too!) some of the costumes over at Costume Craze. The sexy costumes are available for 3 of the most famous DC girls, Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Super girl. Wonder Woman stands alone by being one of the only characters whose Ame-Comi version actually covers more than her regular costume, and I have to admit, I actually really like this design for her.