Friday, 30 January 2009

Karen Millen

Near where we now live is an outlet shopping center with lots of designer and brand names, most of the clothes are last season and much cheaper. I saw a dress in a window and stopped dead, I thought it was gorgeous. I saw the name and thought, “Well of course, there are many dress’ I have admired from Karen Millen but they are always so expensive. But then it is the discount so maybe they are a bit cheaper, but then I will want to buy one.” I was torn and my husband sensed my uncertain thoughts and suggested we take a look.

Once in the store I found my size and was falling swiftly in love. The shape is classic, clinched in at the waist, which is great for my figure and its elegant style is spot on. The fabric is floaty and soft; the colour is a delicious mushroom with mauve trim, it is beautiful. The price tag says £85, and when Dave asks if I would like to try it on, my eyes light up! This probably mean’s he has accepted the possibility of buying it. After trying on several (there were faults on some and also some slight size differences) I found one that was perfect, if a little tight on the bust. Then it is confirmed, my beloved husband David says he will buy the dress for me for Christmas I am delighted! The only down side is the £60 cardigan is perfect for it and I would have to leave it behind.

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The dress is marked at £85, which quite a lot for one cocktail dress, but it was marked from original price of £225, which is better than half price. When we get to the till the dress comes up as £50 and the cashier explains that often they don’t want to mark sale prices as it make them seem “cheap” (pretty stuck up if you asked me) so I ask if I can check the cardigan…it is £35 ^_^ I get both for the price Dave was willing to pay for the dress : D I skip around the rest of the shopping center, arm in arm with my superb husband happy to be dragged though sports shops looking at boxer shorts and running shoes. Not do I have a beautiful designer dress and cute cardigan but a bargain too, down to £85 from £345…it ticks all the right boxes and I could not be more delighted.

PS The second time I wore this dress I was back to my normal pre-wedding weight (yes I put more ON for the wedding instead of losing it, I’m not an ordinary girl >_<) so it now fits perfectly I really could not be happier ^_^

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Captian Emeline

Last year I bought a red pirate dress from a website. I’m not usually one for store bought costumes because they are so un-customisable and I like to create a bit of a character. But this dress really caught my eye; its got bright red ballooning sleeves which are fabulous, a black velvet top which goes under the bust, very saucy and a (if too short) full skirt which looks brilliant with a stiff petticoat. Here is a photo of the store bought Captain Emeline.

With black boots, ribbons in my hair and my big pirate hat with ribbons and lace, Captian Emeline looks like a top rate lady of the sea. It's not a great photo I'll warrent you, but the only one I have as of yet, I need another excuse to wear my fabulous dress. On this occasion I wore it with for-mentioned garb including lacey hat and pistol, which were promptly stolen, that is what happens when you go to the Adj. Also for the record yes my beloved husband is drinking Scrumpy Jack.

Due to the un customisability of this dress for a long time I have hand my mind on a fancy red coat for Captain Emeline with gold trim, big buckles, lots of lace and brass buttons.
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And volia, a bit like this:
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Here is a concept of what I would roughly like it to look like. I am hoping to buy a formal red coat to modify or if needs be just a red mac would do. As long as it is red, the right length and has reasonable waist clinch, with a bit of gold trim and some brass buttons and we are of! It’s been a year since I have been dreaming of this coat and I’m still on the look out, I doubt it will come true anytime soon.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Cat walk to highstreet spring 2009

The Cat walks over winter have been full of lots of big exciting shapes and interesting features, quite a few of which have already entered the real fashion world via celebrates and will soon be in our high streets. A few I think will be predominate are featured in my blog this week.

A flow-on from 2008's flapper trend, fringing was a dominant feature of the Spring/Summer 2009 runways and I just love it! They will be less costume orientated as they were in the party season and more modern. Another fringe theme is going to be Jimmy Choo style leather fringing on accessories and jackets, now celebrities can enjoy it too, not just cowboys ; ).

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Along with wedges shoes there is going to be a very boho 70’s feel this spring but I think that the 80’s revive will still hold the party scene for a while.
The bright colours, bows and big hair are great, the wet look leggings I'm not so keen on!

From single-shouldered dresses to tops and bikinis, asymmetric shoulder-lines have made a huge return in 2009, it wont be long in till the high street catches up and they become a regular occurrence. (Which is good news for my Pocahontas dress search ;)

There will be lots more bright colours showing up, which is my favourite things about the new fashion. In particular jeans, coats and handbags will be in primary and bold colours. As spring arrives there should be plenty of floral and butterfly prints, like last years flowers and lace, I think in the high street this year is going to be another very girly summer.

History and fashion repeat themselves; so don't be surprised to find out that Roman-esque and Grecian inspired clothing are a key fashion trend in 2009. It's both a logical flow on from the one-shoulder trend, and a natural progression from maxi-dresses from last summer. Although they haven’t gone anywhere, I expect them to hang around for at least another year in the high street, especially with the wedges and platforms being such a significant shoe trend. There will also be some male influence, you will continue and increasingly see oxford lace up shoes, waistcoats and braces.

Those are the 3 key trends - fringing, bright bags and platforms - from the catwalk I think will progress into everyday fashion on the high street, so if you spot someone with a fringed leather handbag don’t be afraid to ask them where they bought it!

Thursday, 8 January 2009


An introduction to Mily's wardrobe:

My Name is Emily Carrington and I love clothes. Especially shoes ^_^ I love keeping in tune with current trends and fashions, even if I don't follow them, I like to think I have my own style and adapt modern items to work with my love for retro and vintage clothes.

I am fascinated by history and its fashion; Tudor gowns, Edwardian hats, Victorian bustles and 1950's day dress' are a few of my favourites. I have a bit of an strong for pictures and have thousands stored on my pc, I'd like to share some with you, the reader, and also to post my opinions on new trends and share any gems I find online.

As well as my love for historical fashion equally strong is my adoration of costumes and fancy dress. This 2nd obsession is a bit harder to indulge in, but I do my best ; ) I do some modest dress making as well as modification and I would be glad to share extensive collection and future plans with you.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it,