Monday, 25 October 2010

Halloween 2010

I don't know what to wear! I could have a French maid, Wonder Woman or Kaylee from "Friefly". All 3 need a bit of work and as I am off work I do have time to tweek them, I also have a couple more options (nurse pirate etc) but I prefer the 3 listed above. What do you think?

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Kawinnet J Frye

Kaylee! Sqwee ^_^

I adore Firefly, the frontier scifi show from genius Joss Wheadon, the series that certainly is a case of quality over quantity. I love the crew of serenity but Kaylee has something special about her, and it wouldn't be hard to stay in character whilst wearing her costume!

First of all I bought a parasol with the intention of painting it but so far I've been un-able to find a suitable silk shirt to wear with it so for now I'm sticking with normal mechanic Kaylee. I searched a long time to find suitable overalls and finally found this great pair from Uncle Sam. Shipping from the US was as much as the item itself so I decided to buy 2 and try to sell a second complete costume online to help towards costs.

There are three patches on Kaylee's coveralls: the bear, the heart, and the flower.

The size of the flower is 1.25" x 1.5" and it has a yellow centre.

From yet another long search came the 2 smaller patches on the front of her overalls. Although the heart and flower seem to be home-made or crochet on Kaylees overalls I have bought some iron on patches made from shiny material, and the flower also has a little glitter but the size and colours are right. Despite not being spot on they cute and I know kaylee would approve :) I attached a heavy metal zip to the front of the overalls, removed the sleeves and tweaked the shape of the jump suit to make it a more flattering shape for a curvy woman such as myself.

I used sand paper to age the pockets, knees and other hard wearing areas. I found very few resources for the characters on Kaylee's trousers, but this one is amazing. After I had decorated the Chinese doodles, I used spray paint and oil to dirty it up - it was good fun! When I was done I washed the whole thing about 6 times, sometimes with some lightener, to give it a well broken in look. I searched for a long time and did find a good copy but it was too much money so eventually bought a long sleeved tee-shirt on ebay, its not perfect but again I'm sure it would definitely be approved by Kaylee herself :)

Special thanks to Maggie at

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

New projects . . .

Well the sumer has been an gone and I made 7 costumes in total, much to my husbands displeasure, or should I say his wallet? They all went well and I got some great feedback from the public at the events, I even won an award : D

So the sunshine is waning and I need distraction, I have 3 more in the pipeline to keep me going, including two I have wanted to do for a very long time. The first is easy and realitivly cheap - Poison Ivy. I have decided on a comic book version but with some tweaks inspired by Uma Therman as she does such a good "Ivy"! I will buy the parts and adapt them with a TON of silk leaves, easy and cheap. I've bought a few bits and pieces and have budgeted £50 including boots and corset, which is no mean feat let me tell you ;)

The other one is for a masquerade ball at new years eve, which is Belle's evening gown from Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast. It is simply beautiful! I need to buy fabric and have had quote for gown to adapt which will cost at least £80 so fingers crossed I can do this in time for NYE as funds are drastically low.

Another costume I have been looking at and have taken steps toward is my favourite charcter from my favourite Scifi show, Kaylee from Firefly :) Now this costume will also cost £50 but the main part needed to be imported had a 50% shipping charge . . . so I have ordered two and plan to sell the 2nd completed costume to raise enough money to pay for both! Or least cover most of it, that should keep hubbys wallet happy :)

Monday, 6 September 2010

Broken links

OK after posting a link to this blog onto FB I have just found that some of the photos and links from my new image hosting site are broken. Please bear with me and I'll upload them again via blogger asap.

From my previous post you can see I'll be very busy for the next few days so don't hold your breath, but I hope you will come back again soon and take a look :) I always like to hear feedback from friends and other cosplayers!

Alcon 2010??

Oh my frickin' gosh! *screams* ahem >_> so yeah I have just registered to a rubbish convention . . . at the last minute . . . its in 4 days time . . . argghh!

I was looking forward to going to Amecon this year but my husband was away and none of my friends wanted to go, instead they want to return to the rubbish con we attended last year. In a huff I refused to register but I haven't been to any conventions so far and feeling left out I took a little look at the website. After seeing they had spaces left I thought I'd give Anime League a second chance, although having tickets left just proves my point (!) at the very least my costumes will get an airing.

The "argh" was for the work I have ahead of me; I haven't finished 3 costumes - Priss, Saint Tail and Ponyos Mother - have lain untouched for a the last few months (I was sulking) but I'm not very good at sulking (I'm sure I was supposed to pout?) and nobody actually noticed. *sigh* So now I have to finish 3 costumes in 4 days, which means accepting first attempt stitching, accessory compromises, late nights and second rate results : (

I have 3 finished costumes - Motoko, generic maid and Sailor Mars - but I've certainly learnt my lesson: don't sulk over cosplay, you only hurt yourself.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Major Motoko Kusangei

Ghost in a Shell is a legendary media shaping anime collection that I have always admired. I have also put together a Togusa costume for my husband, who is hardly a major character but unfortunately he is just no where near the right build for the majors lieutenant, Batou.

Which means I get to be the cyborg anti-terrorist hottie: The Major : D This costume is half store bought and although only took about 12 hours to finish it took me 4 months to complete, I always get excited and start new costumes before the previous one is finished! This year I had 6 costumes to do so I made and finished them all bit by bit lol In total this one cost £65 to put together, and although it was a challenge I'm happy with the overall effect.

To start with I bought some jeans and a wig worked from there, I love Ghost in a Shell so it was easy to get excited about it :) I made a jacket from Pleather using copied design, I tried 3 different types of material before I was happy, and boy it is not easy to work with! I also spent a long time getting the leotard right and this is the only thing I was un-satisfied with on this cosplay. Take a look at the gallery, thanks to Cosplay Portrait for the photos and the how too on the jacket and leotard can be found here.

Comments are greatly appreciated, let me know what you think!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Priscilla S. "Priss" Asagiri

Priss is the leader of the Knight Sabres in anime series Bubblegum Crisis 2040. She leads the heavy assault and is a kick ass chick with a bad attitude. Although Nene is more like myself Priss is the coolest - who wouldn't love a chance to be a rock star biker vigilante??

For the costume I used a UPVC jacket bought from a charity shop years ago, I modified it beyond recognition and added the extra pieces bit by bit. I bought a leather gladiator belt and corset but they were too much to wear together so I added my own belt buckles as details onto the corset. The trousers are my own bike trousers and with homemade from scratch/junk modelling knee pads, which in the end I chucked into the bin. The necklace I also made myself from scratch with beads and modelling clay :)

This costume was mostly bought so easy on the labour and cost £40 to put together - a lot of EBay bargins :) I haven't had chance for some decent photos or a shoot yet but when I do ill post them to the gallery. I hope that my friend David will let me pose on his beloved Kawasaki Ninja, its a very handsome bike, its big, red and perfect for this cosplay!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Lolita Maid

Just thought I'd show you some photos of a new costume in my collection a generic "french" maid :) I love the short puffy dresses of gothic and sweet lolita even though petticoats don't suit someone with my bust I still persist ;)

I decided to do this dress below the knee and with its plain black ruffles its a very sensible maid costume, un-like the lolita maid dresses coved in ribbons and lace that I admire so much. I have made an apron and a head piece to complete the look, all I need now is a decent duster!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Meimi Haneoka / Saint Tail

Saint Tail is a generic magical girl show -even though she doesn't actually do any magic. This anime is very cutesy and a bit twee, the cheesy anime holds 2 things for me - a top hat and a hedgehog. Of course for Mr Toffees sake I had to do it! Its a relativity un-known anime and I doubted many people would recognise me at conventions and the like but I felt I should do it.

It was a fun enough costume and most of it was bought but I did make from scratch the skirt which had 3D "tails" in the back. They folded down for sitting and driving etc how cool is that! l made the collar and bows, I also made a little bow for cross dressing "Ruby" which was safety pinned onto a stuffed toy my brother bought me as a gift last year. Its just a shame that Mr Toffee didn't get chance to enjoy this cosplay, he died 2 weeks before the convention : (

Although I left my hair dye at home *doh* and I lost the bow for my hat I LOVE this costume. I am please with the result and although I wasn't recognised (as predicted) I did get quite a few compliments :) Everyone loved little Ruby and defenceless members of Alcon who enquired subsequently got thrust under their noses photos of Mr T from my phone hehe ^_^

I love the petticoat on this cosplay its so full and fluffy - bought for £12 from America and is meant for little girls beauty pageants lol I also went for velvet and not satin as the fabric, as others have done and overall I am pleased with the result :)

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Rei Hino / Salior Mars

The legend that is sailor moon! I initially got into this cosplay as joint project with a friend of mine, I would be Mars and she Jupiter but we are not gong to any conventions together this year and as far as I am aware she hasn't even started hers yet!

I had a hard time making a leotard so in the end I had to buy a custom one from a cosplay company in china, which was very disappointing as every other piece of this costume was hand made by me. It is so far the most accurate and well made costume this year, and I am very happy with it. With my hour glass figure I'm quite aware of these skimpy costumes and I did feel a little exposed but once at the convention among other cosplayers I didn't feel at all daft :)

I made the collar and bows de-tachable so I can interchange different Sailor Sensei and despite the defeat on the leotard I'm still very proud. It took a lot of work to get this difficult costume up to scratch and is probably the most challenging one to date, (probably because I was being so anal with the stitching) it was literally made with blood sweat and tears sewn into the hems! Despite being only 5"3 tall with short legs to match I love being
Sailor Mars, its not often I get to be so dainty and delicate :)

It took 36 hours (yes I know 36!!) over 6 months to finish, and I'm glad it is finally done, literally my blood sweat and tears went into this costume.

And the hard work paid off, I won 3rd place in the copslay championships at Alcon 2010 in Leicester this year so am dead chuffed! I got 34 out of 40 and felt on top of the world, woop woop!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Cosplay WIP

Sad news on the costume front, my Nanoha brown suit refused to lighten so instead of a tan suit with brown lapels I've still got an all brown suit >_< I'm very disappointed as its one of my favourite animes but hopefully I will still get a 2nd chance although not intill the other WIP costumes are finished.

I've also decided to do a pretty random Cosplay for fun - Saint Tail. Even though I doubt anyone knows about it or would ever recognise me, its an old magical girl anime and nothing much special, but the character is cool (a magician cat thief vigilante that steals back stolen goods, just like Robin Hood) and she has a magical pet hedgehog so it has to be done : )

The other costumes - Major Kusanagei and Priss from Bubble gum crisis 2040 are both half done, I'll do individual posts once I've finished them in the coming weeks :) Also if you interested to know Sailor Mars is very nearly complete, I've been making it practically from scratch! the main dress is done and I just have to finish some of the trims and accessories before posting photos online : )

Friday, 12 March 2010

Tim Burton

On Saturday 20th The Adgincourt Rock Venue in Camberley Surrey (our hometown haunt) is holding a Tim Burton Theme night. I love theme nights they give me excuse to dress up with my friends without the expense of a party, and am very gutted not to be able to go!

In the past I have won a couple of completions but have missed out on a few, they are judge by cheers or the crowd so popular or big boobed girls are more likely to win. Regardless of this I am sure that my Corpse Bride costume, made for Halloween last year would win hands down : ) U
nfortunately we are going the week afterwards for a couple for birthdays and the week before for mothers day and cant afford to travel the 120 miles to our home town 3 weeks in a row : (

A friend of mine is making an Oogie Boogie costume which I just know will be awesome! I will post a photo of him - I hope there will be one! - after the event. I found this wonderful costume online, I love the toy worms and spiders and the rough seams. I would love a chance to make one myself, so it has been filed away as a possible in my "to do" list : )

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Retro Apron

These adorable aprons would make for a super cute photo op ; ) I found these at Get Go Retro, where you can find a ton of retro vintage inspired pin-up girl outfits for your boudoir collection : D Hurry and get yours soon…these aprons are selling out like hot cakes! You can also follow Get Go Retro on twitter by clicking here.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Star Trek

This weekend there is yet another costume night at the Adj -our home towns rock venue- for a friends birthday : ) With all my costume making and lack of full time work this year I already have several pricey projects eating up my expenses so I needed something cheap and easy. . .

Easy peasy and will only take an hour! I'm going to Primark on Monday which is ideal for cheap gents tee-shirts, and I can buy ribbons in a number of places. In TOS blue was worn by medical and science personnel (my Starfleet allocation) but also by security which is also my current job description so its win win! I'll post a model photo once I have finished : )

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Aayla Secura

I love Star Wars almost as much as I love costumes, so its obvious to say that the two have crossed paths on more than one occasion. In the past few years gathered together a Leia & Han costumes for myself and my husband a few new years back, I have several light sabres, a Padame jumpsuit and also as a particular feature in this blog; my favourite ever Jedi: Aayla Secura.

Now bear in mind I had only 2 days in which to make this costume, and as I dislike wearing full body paint (for those of you who don't know, Aayla is blue skinned) especially in a night club so there is a little poetic licence and imagination needed here.

I had trouble finding decent reference pictures but it is an acceptable likeness, unlike the other costumes I listed above I was actually correctly recognised whilst wearing this costume. This was in a night club not at a convention . . . !

I like the belt best,
I also added a handbag; attached to the belt like a pouch to carry my camera, coin purse, mobile and other essentials. And I am particularly proud of my stuffed tights brain tails : D The later unfortunately didn't last all night, the ribbons kept slipping down and I don't know if you have ever tried to mosh with a head piece on but its not easy!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

London fashion week

London fashion week Autumn/Winter 2010 runs from 19th – 22nd February this year.

Being a fan of design, art and vintage fashion I am not overly fond of catwalks or the pomp surrounding them, but I do enjoy watching the works of art and trying to guess which features are either already in trend or will be showing up this year and next years high-street looks. Geek Chic or Sci Fi?

PS I have never understood why models always look so miserable and this year decidedly scruffy. Maybe the emo look is spilling into high fashion, I think Russell Brand has something to answer for?

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Paper cut

I stumbled upon this shop whilst surfing esty, the fabulous home-made craft selling site. I think the paper cuts are beautiful, I love all them equally but especially Girls in swing (I have just ordered myself some note cards) and Peter Pan : )

The designs are lovely and although not strictly fashion or costume orientated I do love the pendants and cameos.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Holiday Break

I am away on Holiday from the 16th January intill 14th February -
I am off to have adventures in Oz : D
There will be limited - if any - posts during this time.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Cosplay plans 2010

I have made some definite decisions regarding this years anime conventions. We are going to Amecon in Newcastle on Lyne and The London Movie and Comic con. I also fancy a look in at the London Expo : ) We might tag along at Alcon again this year if our friends are going anyway - ut David isn't keen.

My costume buddy Laila has picked about 8 quite similar but also very tricky costumes, she is very ambitious so I have decided to stick with some simpler but more thorough costumes. I do like to accurate ; )The final cast list is as follows:

Nanoha Strikers bureau uniform - I've already started modifying a suit and sourcing accessories.
Major Motoko Kusanagei from Ghost in a Shell SAC series - custom jacket and sourced clothes.
Sen/Chihrio and No Face from Spirited away - Ill make both of these from scratch.
Sailor Mars - also from scratch to be partnered with Lailas Jupiter.
Daisy Mario and Donkey Kong - The former will be from scratch and the latter hired from the costume shop.

I'll make posts for them all once they are complete : ) And hopefully this time around I'll get some decent photos to accurately portray my hard work : )

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

French Lace

This is a beautiful design for a lace bolero, it is simply devine! I've always had a soft spot of boleros and lace, but then my favourite period costumes come from Edwardian and Victorian where both these things are common place in high fashion.

I'd love to have a go at copying this design myself, perhaps in a cream for the brother in-laws wedding this summer? But then I have so much dress making I'm not sure I could fit anything new in! Just thought I would share this little treasure with anyone who fancies it : )