Friday, 28 October 2011

Sweet Pea

For my son Lucas’s first Halloween I was adamant that he not wear a stereotypical store-bought baby costume. No pumpkins or spiders and no pets. He had to wear something different, something original and something cute. I planned this before he was even born and we knew he was a "he" so it also had to be gender neutral.

As with everything I try to make, it had to not only look good, but be sensible as well. I wanted to take advantage of his young age, at 5 weeks old officially he still classed a newborn and likes to be snuggled up. I'd been looking up baby cocoons when I thought of the idea of a pea pod. I asked my super skilled mother in law to help with the knitting and together we made Lucas a super cute costume that I hope everyone will love this halloween.

The model himself all tuckered out at our neighbours Halloween baby party, I was right, everyone was bowled over by his costume and thought it was super adorable!