Friday, 28 October 2011

Sweet Pea

For my son Lucas’s first Halloween I was adamant that he not wear a stereotypical store-bought baby costume. No pumpkins or spiders and no pets. He had to wear something different, something original and something cute. I planned this before he was even born and we knew he was a "he" so it also had to be gender neutral.

As with everything I try to make, it had to not only look good, but be sensible as well. I wanted to take advantage of his young age, at 5 weeks old officially he still classed a newborn and likes to be snuggled up. I'd been looking up baby cocoons when I thought of the idea of a pea pod. I asked my super skilled mother in law to help with the knitting and together we made Lucas a super cute costume that I hope everyone will love this halloween.

The model himself all tuckered out at our neighbours Halloween baby party, I was right, everyone was bowled over by his costume and thought it was super adorable!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Baby Halloween

Not long now intill Halloween comes around once more! I had lots of ideas for infant costumes and have several planned for the next 3 years : D here are a few of my favourites:

Pea pod is this years halloween costume - see separate post for full details :)
Lobster pot
Super Ted is a great idea a bear suit with zipper to reveal a red onsie with the Super Ted logo on : D

Ewok - Great for conventions and perfect for the expo in London, I plan to take Lucas in May 2012.

LionThe last one is planned for Halloween 2012 with a the whole family, Mummy as Dorothy and Daddy Scarecrow : D

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Baby cosplay

My favourite blog Costume Craze shared with us back in February these cosplay onsies from Japan. I don't know who half of them are but I love the idea! Awww, so adorable! Japanese company Bandai has announced a new line of anime and tokusatsu baby outfits! There are 10 outfits total, scheduled for release at the end of this month.


Top left to right: Devilman, Dorami, Doraemon, Ultra Seven, Ultraman
Bottom left to right: Sun Goku, Shocker, Kamen Rider, Red and Pink ranger from Himitsu Sentai Goranger.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Comic book ladies get an Anime makeover!

I love comics and anime and the sexy PVC figurine range Ame-Comi really are awesome, I love ALL the reinventions! What's not to love about Wonder Woman in armour?!? There is also goth Raven in rock boots and steam-punk Joker to feast your eyes on :) All the costumes are perfect for portraying the characters personalities and most have multiple gravity defying hair dos : D

One of my favourites is Mera (Aquamans wife) she is a supporting character who rarely gets any attention but her reinvention is simply stunning. Of all the DC girls she was probably the most in need of a make over! Gone is the boring green cat suit (so predictable for a red head) and in its place a scaly skimpy thing with a plunging neckline, fancy mer-tail, its beautiful and unique :)

Thanks to Topless Robot for sharing that you can also buy (for a reasonable price too!) some of the costumes over at Costume Craze. The sexy costumes are available for 3 of the most famous DC girls, Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Super girl. Wonder Woman stands alone by being one of the only characters whose Ame-Comi version actually covers more than her regular costume, and I have to admit, I actually really like this design for her.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Padme mummy

Uhoh, a new pregnancy cosplay has been researched! As we are attending an Anime Convention I tried to avoid movie costumes but as news of Natalie Portmans baby boy spreads I find it hard to resist!The beautiful steel blue night gown is stunningly simple with pearl details and a waterfall back - I've fallen in love! A lot of the techniques (draping, home made accessories) I have used and the details such as the heirloom faggot stitching and the hand made broach will be challenges for me. I also like the idea of not having to wear a wig, my hair is naturally long and curly.

One of my costumes requires a bright scarlet wig which would itchy and un-comfortable for the day, the other -despite being only cotton - is a rather warm Victorian dress with layers. Perhaps I can wear the wig gown to the ball and wear this Padme costume during the day? Its Grecian inspired floating looks really comfortable :) There is a dress pattern but it is now out of print and costs a small fortune.

Its all very exciting and for me planning and researching, sourcing and sewing the costumes is the best part. Now I have given up looking for work I have plenty of time for a new project, the only issue is with so many other things demanding money that we simply don't have costumes are on the bottom of our list. I already have 2 anime costumes and a sci-fi TV show, would adding a movie one be too much for a Japanese convention?

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sophie Hatter

This costume will be easy as pie to put together, I have been given a dress by a friend and neighbour that is nigh on perfect for the job. The only thing is the fabric has a small dot detail all over it, but the shape cut and style of the gown is still wonderfully accurate :)

I will dye it the correct colour, take it in at the waist, the hips are free so bump should fit underneath. I can easily buy accessories such as ribbons and a hat, make and attach a lace collar and voila!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Patch work part 2

My fabulous cowboy patchwork is starting to take shape! After I pinned strips of patches together I could start sewing, I started with the individual strips and then sewed the stripes together. You don't know if they will be straight intill you have sewn them and by then it is too late. There are few squares that are tiny milemetres out but I was expecting that and am quite pleased to have surprised myself by not being bothered by it, it adds character :)

I'm hard at still work - it has taken 4 hours to get this point!

I hope that in 100 years time someone will say - great grandma/auntie Em made that quilt from scratch at the turn of the 21st century. In my generation is quite rare to find people who like to sew or some of the otehr old fashioned hobbies I enjoy, although growing veg has made a massive come back! For me its about sanctification and a sense of pride, plus I love being quirky and living up to my hippy name :)

Atm I am awaiting on some more fabric for the centre piece and the rear patchwork which will be a plain motley.
Once I have made the monogrammed centre piece I'll attach it its neighbours, and sew the 3 sections together and then main patch work will be complete. After that I'll sew the embellishments and make the simpler motley rear patchwork, fix the wadding and then quilt the whole thing. After adding the trim it will be complete and hopefully ready in time for babies arrival :) I will keep you updated but want to share progress photos for now :) More update to follow!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Patch work part 1

Although not strictly a costume I thought this project warranted a spot on my wardrobe blog :) As the due date gets nearer we are starting to prepare for baby; DH has been sanding the cot and renovating furniture for the nursery, we had a massive clear out of junk, and I've been sewing gifts for the baby. I have curtains cushion as well as a couple of embellishments to sew and an awesome quilt project which I say is for the baby when really its for me!

The main project is a patchwork quilt, a traditional American hobby from frontier times that uses scraps of fabric or fabric from old clothes to make an interesting and practical quilt. Although I love anything from the old west and admire the complex quilts I have veered away from this hobby as I know how hard it is to get the edges straight -I'm just to much of a perfectionist! But with a baby on the way I know its the perfect time to create my very own future heirloom, and set about planning such a project.

I devised a theme that I love in colours I like, I was not prepared to go half's on a "neutral" coloured quilt suitable for a boy or girl, I wanted something I could get excited about not to mention with a nod back to the origin of said hobby. My quilt is navy and maroon, feathers paisley strips spots and check, I plan to make raised embellishments out of felt on alternate squares but this won't be done intill stage 3.

I had a pair of bandanna's as a starting point and went from there! Mother in law loves quilting and has a cute shop near her house, she took me and help to pick the fabrics. It is a pricey hobby these days with special small squares in a wide range of fabrics setting you back a pretty penny. Once I had fabrics I planned out my quilt (which took a good while, its like a crossword with no clues) then I marked the fabrics and cut them to size. My quilt uses 7 inch squares with half inch seams so the finished quilt has 6" squares. This is quite large for a baby quilt but I want it to be used for many years to come, and as I said it is not in traditional "baby" colours or theme. I cut each square individually and pinned them together in strips ready for sewing, so far so good :)

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Katrina and Spike

Many of you may know my all time favourite anime is Cowboy bebop, I just can't get enough of it. Its smooth style quirky characters with interesting back grounds and the super cool American blues soundtrack really give it an edge, its a cut above other animes.

This year I was planning to finally done the PVC hot-pants to cosplay as Faye Valentine, I'd lost over a stone at the end of the summer and was going to the gym regularly enough to regain my old flat stomach and was brave enough to agree to the skimpy outfit . . . but have now had a change of plan! We decided to start a family and no one will get to see that tiny tummy of mine as by the time the convention comes around ill be only 2 weeks from my due date lol
Instead I've got a purple dress to cosplay as an extra from the first episode of Cowboy Bebop, Asteroid Blues. Her name is Katrina and she is the GF of a drug smuggler with a bounty on his head, I'd always loved her busty dress and swarthy Mediterranean look. She has some chemistry with Spike, but sadly her sob story doesn't have a very happy ending!
I wanted to make a suit for Dave to be Spike but with Katrina he wears a poncho and sombrero for half the epsiode so I can miss off the complicated suit jacket. It should be easy enough to make trousers and source the accessories.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Ponyo's Prequel

I haven't worked on it recently but now I have booked the convention I am bringing out all the costumes that have been on hold. Its a relativity new anime but the famous master Miyazaki's newer movie "Ponyo on the cliffs by the sea" has had a massive fan following since its realise in 2008.

I have a nearly finished "Ponyos Mother" costume, she is a stunning sea goddess with long red hair who can change her
shape and size, wearing various versions of her pale blue dress. The biggest challenge is pinning down what she actually wears! Interpretation is a key factor in my cosplays and gives me some originality. I already have a dress that will fit my bump but I still need to add some long sleeves and buy a nice long wig. Her hair is mega long and bright red - there is no way I would dye mine like that, hair like mine doesn't get that long without lots of care and attention! I have made some jewellery, a necklace and tiara similar to those worn by the mysterious and serene sea goddess.

Finance allowing Dave can match me as Ponyo's father. He is not too keen so it and has others he would prefer so its on the side lines at the moment. He already has a white jacket I can modify, I only need to add stripes, buy a wig and cravat for David to wear, and we are done. Neither are particularly challenging and its a pair of costumes that can be used for years to come with the little ones in tow. Imagine a baby Ponyo in a cute onsie and a toddler dressed as Sosuke with a bucket - it would be adorable ^_^

Monday, 25 April 2011

Mad as a Hatter!

With the royal wedding coming up our little community has planned a big street party complete with bunting! We will have a bouncy castle, races, games and even a set of stocks to get dad wet with water bombs! My part is a hat making competition to encourage people to dress up for the party. I'm not sure how many will take part - there are only going to be 40 attendees and not many have shown an interest in my competition!

Any way as the judge I have been making a fabulous hat for myself, I need little excuse to get crafty and love the chance to make something wonderful. We are having our street party in the meadow with cupcakes and bunting so I figured a fancy garden party hat would be great, but ofc its never as simple as that! I wanted it to be novelty and patriotic so I designed a Tea Cup Hat :)
I've modified a wide brimmed pre-owned hat, by taking the rim off and attaching it to the very top of the hat, this will make the saucer. Its a very classy navy blue hat with cream ribbon round the base and 2 bows both of which are now under the rim below the saucer. I have made the cup part from paper-mache.
I painted it cream, adding details in navy blue around the rim and handle, I wanted the hat and cup part to look like they belong together so it needed to be done professionally and to a high standard. The finished product looked great at the end and everyone commented on it :)

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Summer Costumes

Its that time of year again, summer is fast approaching and its time to plan cosplays for the conventions :) I have a couple of costumes I made before falling pregnant, and some could be modified. I am keen to d├ębut my Kaylee overalls which could be adapted for bump, if I get a waist coat and stethoscope for my baby Daddy "Simon" it could be quite funny :)

I haven't worked on it but I have a nearly finished "Ponyos Mother" who is a beautiful sea goddess with long red hair. If Dave will let me I can dress him as Ponyos father, the human wizard who resides in a submarine and we can be the perfect prequel pair, he certainly fits the kooky character ;)

Also I have a dress that is very close to that of an extra in the first episode of my all time favourite anime Cowboy Bebop. I have on the top of my cosplay wish list a Spike and Faye costume, the later of which has been struck right off! I can make trousers and buy a sombrero and poncho for Spike should the Jacket be too complex or time consuming.

In the past its been me motivating and pushing DH into costumes, or (due to work) been left till the last minute or he couldn't decide on a costume. David is for the first time excited about a cosplay! He isn't a massive fan of resident evil but after researching a Jill Valentine cosplay (as I am want to do in my spare time) he would love the chance to get kitted up and be Chris Redfield for the day. Looking badass has never felt so right!

He has a lot of options for the combat waistcoat with plenty of army barmy mates it shouldn't bee too hard to find something suitable. He is also keen to try his hand at prop making for Chris' machete, not to mention nagging me into learning leather working to make him holsters not only for cosplay but also his military past times. Is there no end to the demand on my talents??

Monday, 14 March 2011

Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield is a S.T.A.R.S operative from Raccoon City from the popular (and my favourite zombie basher) Resident Evil games franchise. I have often wanted to cosplay Resident Evil and have researched a Jill Valentine in her S.T.A.R.S uniform from the first game but can't wear it this year due to the baby incubating in my womb! This year I can just be a preggers zombie and next year will be something to look forward to, and also our German Shepard dog, Monty, (who loves cosplay btw) can join in : D if he's not too old by then he is already showing his age!
So my DH is finally excited about a cosplay, huzzah! He is researching the costume thoroughly, particularly the different versions of costume and is already thinking about where to get items and looking up how to make props and weapons. A lot of it Dave wears for work anyway (he wears SWAT uniform and jumps out of helicopters) but the way computer games go its all exaggerated, plus the fact that its a zombie apocalypse so OFC you need some kick ass weapons.
Essentially its a green waistcoat with combats and accessories. I can make most of those with webbing (have done custom webbing before) and he can borrow many of the pouches and gadgets from friends. Most folks round here are Army Barmy and have collections of body armour, webbing, weapons and survival gadgets, so its a bonus for the costing :)

Friday, 4 March 2011


I have now finished my fabulous Kaylee costume!

I am very please with the distressing and ageing, it took a while to get the oil stains right. My husband dryly commented "why don't you just use engine oil?" Well that might have been a good idea but by then I had spent a long time mixing wd40, vegetable oil and dye to try and make it greasy and permanent, so I had to see it through to the end.
A lot of fine detail has gone into this costume, I hand stitched the patches with embroiders thread and put dirty wear marks on the pockets and high use areas, ie knees and bum :) I have seen several other bear overall cosplays but modest though I am mine is by far the best! There are 2 things I am not 100% happy about but they barely shadow how please I am with the overall result : D

I also made a little bag from some left over materials, its not that large but just big enough to hold my purse, phone, keys and con badge etc.

I hope you enjoy the photos taken by my good friend Mr Abe, he came down especially before I get too big to fit in them any more! I am thinking I might still wear this costume over the summer, I could just leave the top half of overalls around my waist but that would only be funny with my baby daddy dressed as Simon to tag along. Lets see if we can convince him!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Bridesmaid dresses

I had 2 weeks full of stress and hard work but in the end everything worked out beautifully, my mother in now finally an honest women and the whole day went off without a hitch!

I started with the smallest bridesmaid, she is only 10 so I had to totally remodel her adult sized dress, putting in a simpler line than the adult bridesmaids and customising it to her size. At such short notice the dress company only had one size 12 and another size 14 so it took almost as much work to bring my dress down to size. As I am a size 10 and my now new cousin (^_^) was not around for modelling and sizing I changed the 14 to fit me and my little swollen tummy - I was only 13 weeks so it was not too obvious but still my size 10 clothes dont fit so well any more!
It took a lot of work and I was taking up the child's dress the night before the wedding but they came out lovely and everyone adored them.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bridesmaid dresses

I've had major drama with a Chinese dress making company, which today ended with me basically demanding refund. The past 5 weeks I have been trying to order 2 adult and one child's gold/champagne bridesmaid dresses for my mothers wedding on 11th Febuary. he whole thing is pretty short notice compared to other weddings, they decided to get married in November, went to Australia on holiday for a month and only started planning it 2 weeks ago.

After the pilavour with the Chinese tailors I am left with only 2 weeks to source or make 3 dresses. I am confident I can make a fitted dress with a pattern, but 3 of them with modified sleeves and in less than 2 weeks? I hope that my tailor friend Mr Komadei can lend a hand, he has in the past guided me in challenging projects and has a selection of industrial machines to use. My special lidl machine overheats after an hours solid sewing >_>

A bit nervous about further issues, as the time window is so small. Did I mention I'm 12 weeks pregnant and throwing up every 20 minutes?? I must be crazy to even attempt this but the only other choice is some overpriced cheap nasty dresses from a local bridal shop. That will still be an option if my dressmaking has not been a success by the 5th February.

I have just ordered patterns and plan to buy fabric on Tuesday. There will be plenty of compromises as I can not afford to be fussy with fabric or supplies. I will take photos as I go and post a blog after the wedding, as I sure as hell won't have time before then!

Monday, 10 January 2011

I have had a particularly trying few months representing myself in a difficult court case has been on going since September. I am recently un-employed and suing my old company, they owe me a lot of money and left me in a right state. Unfortunately this takes up all my free time so I haven't had much chance to look for a new job let alone get any sewing done!

I had a break from the paper work over Christmas so was able to concentrate on enjoying myself, I have made some head way on a few costumes and looking forward to the year ahead. I had to make some changes to any planned costumes have chucked 2 out completely and now have another brand new one on the cards. Its necessary as I have some good news and am expecting a baby in the summer, Faye Valentine yellow PVC hotpants are definitely out the window lol

I have finished Kaylees overalls and will post some photos but am disappointed I wont be able to wear them for a good while. I have toyed with the idea of wearing with a belt and hanging the top half behind me like some mechanics do, to free my (what will be by then) large baby bump but I would have to have Dave dressed Simon as my "Baby Daddy" for it to be funny :)

Also I have nearly finished a new costume of Ponyos Mother. She is a stunning sea goddess with long red hair who can change her shape and size, shes mysterious wise and serene. I already made a long blue dress for a summer ball when I was at college and it is stretchy enough for bumb so I can wear that. I have made some jewellery and still need to add some long sleeves. If Dave will let me I can dress him as Ponyos father the human wizard and we can be a prequel pair :)