Friday, 11 December 2009

The Joker

Well my husband has asked me for the second time to put together a drag costume for him. I know it’s a squadie thing and all military men need little encouragement to don a frock and I should not be surprised considering David’s enthusiasm for the eccentric, but still I am a little concerned. I’m not too worried though as this costume totally rocks!

I love comic books and recently there have been some wonderful and brilliant live action movies. Iron Man is so far my favourite but I also love The Dark Knight. Since seeing the latter earlier this year my husband loved the hospital scene and said Heath Ledger looked great so when an announcement came from a friend who is having a heroes and villain fancy dress birthday in December, it was his first choice.

First of all I sourced the dress. It wasn’t as difficult as I expected and after some time I found a style that was satisfactory. I needed to take it in a bit, adjust the lapel and neckline, fiddle with the pockets and add some trim. After some research I found out that the dress from the movie is actually of British design/inspired so that explains it. I also bought a pair of socks, sneakers belt and a silver fob watch. The last thing was to search for a wig. It was tricky because most wigs are wither blonde or brown, curly or straight not a mixture of both. I found this wavy wig very acceptable and trimmed it to the correct length.

My birthday friend knows David has chosen to dress as The Joker but doesn’t know the variation, I can’t wait to see the look on their faces! It will be brilliant and I have no doubt that Dave will be a talk of the town : )

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Wonder woman

After my friends recent announcement I had a hard time deciding who to dress up as for her Heroes and Villains birthday party. I have always been keen to do the jokers lover Harley Quinn but also was tempted to do an original Catwoman. Trouble is both of those costumes are cat suits and leotards as are many other super hero costumes. After much deliberation I decided to pick up a costume I have been putting together and have never worn, of my most favourite comic book hero bar none – Wonder Woman.

I found a great red corset that had very supple PVC and is comfortable to wear although not as well fitted on the bust as I would have liked. I also bought some shiny blue hot pants which are teeny tiny so I made a skirt to cover them. This is an acceptable modification in many WW costumes so I don’t feel concerned about authenticity in this mater.

I did however have a conundrum concerning colouring. I wasn't sure if I should go for yellow as the comics show or gold as the cartoons, live action and pictures show. In the end I decided on a controversial mix of the 2. I already had a yellow hair band and belt so I have added gold centre pieces to make them authentic. I also used gold for the W on the bust; I hope that the mixture will create a desired affect even though it lacks authenticity.

I have modified a collection of accessories including a golden lasso, bracer's and tiara, I hope they will do Princess Diana of the Amazons proud : ) While you at it check out this years DC animated movie : )