Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Holiday Break

I am away on Holiday from the 16th January intill 14th February -
I am off to have adventures in Oz : D
There will be limited - if any - posts during this time.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Cosplay plans 2010

I have made some definite decisions regarding this years anime conventions. We are going to Amecon in Newcastle on Lyne and The London Movie and Comic con. I also fancy a look in at the London Expo : ) We might tag along at Alcon again this year if our friends are going anyway - ut David isn't keen.

My costume buddy Laila has picked about 8 quite similar but also very tricky costumes, she is very ambitious so I have decided to stick with some simpler but more thorough costumes. I do like to accurate ; )The final cast list is as follows:

Nanoha Strikers bureau uniform - I've already started modifying a suit and sourcing accessories.
Major Motoko Kusanagei from Ghost in a Shell SAC series - custom jacket and sourced clothes.
Sen/Chihrio and No Face from Spirited away - Ill make both of these from scratch.
Sailor Mars - also from scratch to be partnered with Lailas Jupiter.
Daisy Mario and Donkey Kong - The former will be from scratch and the latter hired from the costume shop.

I'll make posts for them all once they are complete : ) And hopefully this time around I'll get some decent photos to accurately portray my hard work : )

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

French Lace

This is a beautiful design for a lace bolero, it is simply devine! I've always had a soft spot of boleros and lace, but then my favourite period costumes come from Edwardian and Victorian where both these things are common place in high fashion.

I'd love to have a go at copying this design myself, perhaps in a cream for the brother in-laws wedding this summer? But then I have so much dress making I'm not sure I could fit anything new in! Just thought I would share this little treasure with anyone who fancies it : )