Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Time for the Faire

I have many costume aspirations, one of which is to make a proper 18th century style chemise with billowing sleeves to wear with a corset or waist clinching belt over a gathered or rouched skirt. A wench costume is so versatile and can work with many historical eras and always looks good : D

One of my many many costume bookmarks is The Wenches Wardrobe. I would love to attend a "Pirate" festival which after combat seems to be the most popular and successful sort of historic re-enactment in UK, shame I don't have any idea where to start,

In April at Cressing Temple there is a St Georges day joust and medieval fair, I am going with Dave and would love to dress up in a "Wench" style outfit. I am have some plans and have bid on a pattern on EBay for bloomers and a corset (I have wanted one since I wore my wedding dress, it feels fantastic!) and another pattern which has a nice billowing chimese, skirt, apron and also a small bonnet cap.

After my recent success with the bonnet I am keen to give it ago. The whole thing is budgeted at £30 as we are living on only one set of wages but Im not sure I can buy all the material, ribbons and supplies I need with that as well as both those patterns. I may have to "make do" with what I have already got. If needs be I can go without the patterns for now, I have seen a cheap peasant top in qs for £2.50 (its not what I want but it will do) and I could proberly blag the skirt and apron, my usual costume dress making is done without patterns so shouldn't be to hard. But I would like to do it properly, especially as now I have so much time on my hands and David is not home during the week.
I want it to be a proper dress, not a shambles of unfinished hems and guess work like most of my costumes lol

If I can convince Dave I'd like to make him a crusader knight type outfit, much simpler than my dress, with some wrist bracers and tunic (white with St Georges cross of course) worn over a long sleeved top with
black trousers and boots, add a home made red cloak and the sword he already has and I think we can get away with the lack of shield and chain mail : )

part two here : )

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