Tuesday, 12 May 2009


There are many bookmarks in my collection, more often than not relating to costumes or fashion. Also more often and not they are thing I admire very much and would like to own.

On of those bookmarks is Elegant Gothic, it is a spectacular website with many Japanese gothic lolita related and inspired fashions. There are some great suits and shirts for gents and a vast collection of dresses. In particular I would love to own one of these blouses, I love the mutton top sleeves, the ties at the back on the waist and the removable cravats.

Maybe there is something a bit new romantic and vamp about it but I think they would be very eye catching with some shiny heels, smart black trousers and formal coat; for a dinner party of some such outing or maybe a trip to the theatre? There are lots of formal options and the simple elegance is something that greatly appeals to me.

I should also mention the many photo views and the vast amount of customisability this websites items have, often with many colour combinations, removable ruffles/fur/lace etc so you can dress up or down depending on your mood. I love a lot of things on here and hope to one day soon buy a coat or dress. (That blouse is a definite!)

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