Friday, 11 December 2009

The Joker

Well my husband has asked me for the second time to put together a drag costume for him. I know it’s a squadie thing and all military men need little encouragement to don a frock and I should not be surprised considering David’s enthusiasm for the eccentric, but still I am a little concerned. I’m not too worried though as this costume totally rocks!

I love comic books and recently there have been some wonderful and brilliant live action movies. Iron Man is so far my favourite but I also love The Dark Knight. Since seeing the latter earlier this year my husband loved the hospital scene and said Heath Ledger looked great so when an announcement came from a friend who is having a heroes and villain fancy dress birthday in December, it was his first choice.

First of all I sourced the dress. It wasn’t as difficult as I expected and after some time I found a style that was satisfactory. I needed to take it in a bit, adjust the lapel and neckline, fiddle with the pockets and add some trim. After some research I found out that the dress from the movie is actually of British design/inspired so that explains it. I also bought a pair of socks, sneakers belt and a silver fob watch. The last thing was to search for a wig. It was tricky because most wigs are wither blonde or brown, curly or straight not a mixture of both. I found this wavy wig very acceptable and trimmed it to the correct length.

My birthday friend knows David has chosen to dress as The Joker but doesn’t know the variation, I can’t wait to see the look on their faces! It will be brilliant and I have no doubt that Dave will be a talk of the town : )

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