Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Cosplay plans 2010

I have made some definite decisions regarding this years anime conventions. We are going to Amecon in Newcastle on Lyne and The London Movie and Comic con. I also fancy a look in at the London Expo : ) We might tag along at Alcon again this year if our friends are going anyway - ut David isn't keen.

My costume buddy Laila has picked about 8 quite similar but also very tricky costumes, she is very ambitious so I have decided to stick with some simpler but more thorough costumes. I do like to accurate ; )The final cast list is as follows:

Nanoha Strikers bureau uniform - I've already started modifying a suit and sourcing accessories.
Major Motoko Kusanagei from Ghost in a Shell SAC series - custom jacket and sourced clothes.
Sen/Chihrio and No Face from Spirited away - Ill make both of these from scratch.
Sailor Mars - also from scratch to be partnered with Lailas Jupiter.
Daisy Mario and Donkey Kong - The former will be from scratch and the latter hired from the costume shop.

I'll make posts for them all once they are complete : ) And hopefully this time around I'll get some decent photos to accurately portray my hard work : )

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