Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Kawinnet J Frye

Kaylee! Sqwee ^_^

I adore Firefly, the frontier scifi show from genius Joss Wheadon, the series that certainly is a case of quality over quantity. I love the crew of serenity but Kaylee has something special about her, and it wouldn't be hard to stay in character whilst wearing her costume!

First of all I bought a parasol with the intention of painting it but so far I've been un-able to find a suitable silk shirt to wear with it so for now I'm sticking with normal mechanic Kaylee. I searched a long time to find suitable overalls and finally found this great pair from Uncle Sam. Shipping from the US was as much as the item itself so I decided to buy 2 and try to sell a second complete costume online to help towards costs.

There are three patches on Kaylee's coveralls: the bear, the heart, and the flower.

The size of the flower is 1.25" x 1.5" and it has a yellow centre.

From yet another long search came the 2 smaller patches on the front of her overalls. Although the heart and flower seem to be home-made or crochet on Kaylees overalls I have bought some iron on patches made from shiny material, and the flower also has a little glitter but the size and colours are right. Despite not being spot on they cute and I know kaylee would approve :) I attached a heavy metal zip to the front of the overalls, removed the sleeves and tweaked the shape of the jump suit to make it a more flattering shape for a curvy woman such as myself.

I used sand paper to age the pockets, knees and other hard wearing areas. I found very few resources for the characters on Kaylee's trousers, but this one is amazing. After I had decorated the Chinese doodles, I used spray paint and oil to dirty it up - it was good fun! When I was done I washed the whole thing about 6 times, sometimes with some lightener, to give it a well broken in look. I searched for a long time and did find a good copy but it was too much money so eventually bought a long sleeved tee-shirt on ebay, its not perfect but again I'm sure it would definitely be approved by Kaylee herself :)

Special thanks to Maggie at http://www.costumersguide.com/

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