Monday, 2 May 2011

Ponyo's Prequel

I haven't worked on it recently but now I have booked the convention I am bringing out all the costumes that have been on hold. Its a relativity new anime but the famous master Miyazaki's newer movie "Ponyo on the cliffs by the sea" has had a massive fan following since its realise in 2008.

I have a nearly finished "Ponyos Mother" costume, she is a stunning sea goddess with long red hair who can change her
shape and size, wearing various versions of her pale blue dress. The biggest challenge is pinning down what she actually wears! Interpretation is a key factor in my cosplays and gives me some originality. I already have a dress that will fit my bump but I still need to add some long sleeves and buy a nice long wig. Her hair is mega long and bright red - there is no way I would dye mine like that, hair like mine doesn't get that long without lots of care and attention! I have made some jewellery, a necklace and tiara similar to those worn by the mysterious and serene sea goddess.

Finance allowing Dave can match me as Ponyo's father. He is not too keen so it and has others he would prefer so its on the side lines at the moment. He already has a white jacket I can modify, I only need to add stripes, buy a wig and cravat for David to wear, and we are done. Neither are particularly challenging and its a pair of costumes that can be used for years to come with the little ones in tow. Imagine a baby Ponyo in a cute onsie and a toddler dressed as Sosuke with a bucket - it would be adorable ^_^

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