Sunday, 20 June 2010

Meimi Haneoka / Saint Tail

Saint Tail is a generic magical girl show -even though she doesn't actually do any magic. This anime is very cutesy and a bit twee, the cheesy anime holds 2 things for me - a top hat and a hedgehog. Of course for Mr Toffees sake I had to do it! Its a relativity un-known anime and I doubted many people would recognise me at conventions and the like but I felt I should do it.

It was a fun enough costume and most of it was bought but I did make from scratch the skirt which had 3D "tails" in the back. They folded down for sitting and driving etc how cool is that! l made the collar and bows, I also made a little bow for cross dressing "Ruby" which was safety pinned onto a stuffed toy my brother bought me as a gift last year. Its just a shame that Mr Toffee didn't get chance to enjoy this cosplay, he died 2 weeks before the convention : (

Although I left my hair dye at home *doh* and I lost the bow for my hat I LOVE this costume. I am please with the result and although I wasn't recognised (as predicted) I did get quite a few compliments :) Everyone loved little Ruby and defenceless members of Alcon who enquired subsequently got thrust under their noses photos of Mr T from my phone hehe ^_^

I love the petticoat on this cosplay its so full and fluffy - bought for £12 from America and is meant for little girls beauty pageants lol I also went for velvet and not satin as the fabric, as others have done and overall I am pleased with the result :)

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