Sunday, 6 June 2010

Rei Hino / Salior Mars

The legend that is sailor moon! I initially got into this cosplay as joint project with a friend of mine, I would be Mars and she Jupiter but we are not gong to any conventions together this year and as far as I am aware she hasn't even started hers yet!

I had a hard time making a leotard so in the end I had to buy a custom one from a cosplay company in china, which was very disappointing as every other piece of this costume was hand made by me. It is so far the most accurate and well made costume this year, and I am very happy with it. With my hour glass figure I'm quite aware of these skimpy costumes and I did feel a little exposed but once at the convention among other cosplayers I didn't feel at all daft :)

I made the collar and bows de-tachable so I can interchange different Sailor Sensei and despite the defeat on the leotard I'm still very proud. It took a lot of work to get this difficult costume up to scratch and is probably the most challenging one to date, (probably because I was being so anal with the stitching) it was literally made with blood sweat and tears sewn into the hems! Despite being only 5"3 tall with short legs to match I love being
Sailor Mars, its not often I get to be so dainty and delicate :)

It took 36 hours (yes I know 36!!) over 6 months to finish, and I'm glad it is finally done, literally my blood sweat and tears went into this costume.

And the hard work paid off, I won 3rd place in the copslay championships at Alcon 2010 in Leicester this year so am dead chuffed! I got 34 out of 40 and felt on top of the world, woop woop!

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