Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Priscilla S. "Priss" Asagiri

Priss is the leader of the Knight Sabres in anime series Bubblegum Crisis 2040. She leads the heavy assault and is a kick ass chick with a bad attitude. Although Nene is more like myself Priss is the coolest - who wouldn't love a chance to be a rock star biker vigilante??

For the costume I used a UPVC jacket bought from a charity shop years ago, I modified it beyond recognition and added the extra pieces bit by bit. I bought a leather gladiator belt and corset but they were too much to wear together so I added my own belt buckles as details onto the corset. The trousers are my own bike trousers and with homemade from scratch/junk modelling knee pads, which in the end I chucked into the bin. The necklace I also made myself from scratch with beads and modelling clay :)

This costume was mostly bought so easy on the labour and cost £40 to put together - a lot of EBay bargins :) I haven't had chance for some decent photos or a shoot yet but when I do ill post them to the gallery. I hope that my friend David will let me pose on his beloved Kawasaki Ninja, its a very handsome bike, its big, red and perfect for this cosplay!

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