Saturday, 28 August 2010

Major Motoko Kusangei

Ghost in a Shell is a legendary media shaping anime collection that I have always admired. I have also put together a Togusa costume for my husband, who is hardly a major character but unfortunately he is just no where near the right build for the majors lieutenant, Batou.

Which means I get to be the cyborg anti-terrorist hottie: The Major : D This costume is half store bought and although only took about 12 hours to finish it took me 4 months to complete, I always get excited and start new costumes before the previous one is finished! This year I had 6 costumes to do so I made and finished them all bit by bit lol In total this one cost £65 to put together, and although it was a challenge I'm happy with the overall effect.

To start with I bought some jeans and a wig worked from there, I love Ghost in a Shell so it was easy to get excited about it :) I made a jacket from Pleather using copied design, I tried 3 different types of material before I was happy, and boy it is not easy to work with! I also spent a long time getting the leotard right and this is the only thing I was un-satisfied with on this cosplay. Take a look at the gallery, thanks to Cosplay Portrait for the photos and the how too on the jacket and leotard can be found here.

Comments are greatly appreciated, let me know what you think!

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