Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Cosplay WIP

Sad news on the costume front, my Nanoha brown suit refused to lighten so instead of a tan suit with brown lapels I've still got an all brown suit >_< I'm very disappointed as its one of my favourite animes but hopefully I will still get a 2nd chance although not intill the other WIP costumes are finished.

I've also decided to do a pretty random Cosplay for fun - Saint Tail. Even though I doubt anyone knows about it or would ever recognise me, its an old magical girl anime and nothing much special, but the character is cool (a magician cat thief vigilante that steals back stolen goods, just like Robin Hood) and she has a magical pet hedgehog so it has to be done : )

The other costumes - Major Kusanagei and Priss from Bubble gum crisis 2040 are both half done, I'll do individual posts once I've finished them in the coming weeks :) Also if you interested to know Sailor Mars is very nearly complete, I've been making it practically from scratch! the main dress is done and I just have to finish some of the trims and accessories before posting photos online : )

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