Monday, 6 September 2010

Alcon 2010??

Oh my frickin' gosh! *screams* ahem >_> so yeah I have just registered to a rubbish convention . . . at the last minute . . . its in 4 days time . . . argghh!

I was looking forward to going to Amecon this year but my husband was away and none of my friends wanted to go, instead they want to return to the rubbish con we attended last year. In a huff I refused to register but I haven't been to any conventions so far and feeling left out I took a little look at the website. After seeing they had spaces left I thought I'd give Anime League a second chance, although having tickets left just proves my point (!) at the very least my costumes will get an airing.

The "argh" was for the work I have ahead of me; I haven't finished 3 costumes - Priss, Saint Tail and Ponyos Mother - have lain untouched for a the last few months (I was sulking) but I'm not very good at sulking (I'm sure I was supposed to pout?) and nobody actually noticed. *sigh* So now I have to finish 3 costumes in 4 days, which means accepting first attempt stitching, accessory compromises, late nights and second rate results : (

I have 3 finished costumes - Motoko, generic maid and Sailor Mars - but I've certainly learnt my lesson: don't sulk over cosplay, you only hurt yourself.

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