Monday, 25 April 2011

Mad as a Hatter!

With the royal wedding coming up our little community has planned a big street party complete with bunting! We will have a bouncy castle, races, games and even a set of stocks to get dad wet with water bombs! My part is a hat making competition to encourage people to dress up for the party. I'm not sure how many will take part - there are only going to be 40 attendees and not many have shown an interest in my competition!

Any way as the judge I have been making a fabulous hat for myself, I need little excuse to get crafty and love the chance to make something wonderful. We are having our street party in the meadow with cupcakes and bunting so I figured a fancy garden party hat would be great, but ofc its never as simple as that! I wanted it to be novelty and patriotic so I designed a Tea Cup Hat :)
I've modified a wide brimmed pre-owned hat, by taking the rim off and attaching it to the very top of the hat, this will make the saucer. Its a very classy navy blue hat with cream ribbon round the base and 2 bows both of which are now under the rim below the saucer. I have made the cup part from paper-mache.
I painted it cream, adding details in navy blue around the rim and handle, I wanted the hat and cup part to look like they belong together so it needed to be done professionally and to a high standard. The finished product looked great at the end and everyone commented on it :)

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