Thursday, 8 January 2009


An introduction to Mily's wardrobe:

My Name is Emily Carrington and I love clothes. Especially shoes ^_^ I love keeping in tune with current trends and fashions, even if I don't follow them, I like to think I have my own style and adapt modern items to work with my love for retro and vintage clothes.

I am fascinated by history and its fashion; Tudor gowns, Edwardian hats, Victorian bustles and 1950's day dress' are a few of my favourites. I have a bit of an strong for pictures and have thousands stored on my pc, I'd like to share some with you, the reader, and also to post my opinions on new trends and share any gems I find online.

As well as my love for historical fashion equally strong is my adoration of costumes and fancy dress. This 2nd obsession is a bit harder to indulge in, but I do my best ; ) I do some modest dress making as well as modification and I would be glad to share extensive collection and future plans with you.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it,


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