Friday, 20 May 2011

Patch work part 1

Although not strictly a costume I thought this project warranted a spot on my wardrobe blog :) As the due date gets nearer we are starting to prepare for baby; DH has been sanding the cot and renovating furniture for the nursery, we had a massive clear out of junk, and I've been sewing gifts for the baby. I have curtains cushion as well as a couple of embellishments to sew and an awesome quilt project which I say is for the baby when really its for me!

The main project is a patchwork quilt, a traditional American hobby from frontier times that uses scraps of fabric or fabric from old clothes to make an interesting and practical quilt. Although I love anything from the old west and admire the complex quilts I have veered away from this hobby as I know how hard it is to get the edges straight -I'm just to much of a perfectionist! But with a baby on the way I know its the perfect time to create my very own future heirloom, and set about planning such a project.

I devised a theme that I love in colours I like, I was not prepared to go half's on a "neutral" coloured quilt suitable for a boy or girl, I wanted something I could get excited about not to mention with a nod back to the origin of said hobby. My quilt is navy and maroon, feathers paisley strips spots and check, I plan to make raised embellishments out of felt on alternate squares but this won't be done intill stage 3.

I had a pair of bandanna's as a starting point and went from there! Mother in law loves quilting and has a cute shop near her house, she took me and help to pick the fabrics. It is a pricey hobby these days with special small squares in a wide range of fabrics setting you back a pretty penny. Once I had fabrics I planned out my quilt (which took a good while, its like a crossword with no clues) then I marked the fabrics and cut them to size. My quilt uses 7 inch squares with half inch seams so the finished quilt has 6" squares. This is quite large for a baby quilt but I want it to be used for many years to come, and as I said it is not in traditional "baby" colours or theme. I cut each square individually and pinned them together in strips ready for sewing, so far so good :)

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